5 Things to consider before buying deep cycle batteries

Deep cycle batteries have been noted to deliver high performance while guaranteeing top-notch quality. The efficiency of these batteries has never been in doubt, but then how do you come to the grasp that they are the perfect option for you. You can read on to understand the basic things to consider before hitting the road to go and make a purchase at the store.

Defining deep cycle batteries

It will be helpful to understand what deep cycle batteries really are before delving into the topic proper. Deep cycle batteries are simply batteries that can be discharged to a depth of around 80 – 100%, and this can happen after a single usage (that is, discharge). These batteries normally deliver a steady supply of power to fuel whatever system for a long period. Lithium, absorbent glass mat, gel, and flooded lead batteries are the major deep cycle batteries we have in the market today.

On the considerations


The very first series of details you should look out for concerns the specifications of the 300ah deep cycle battery you intend to buy. Broadly speaking; this will include such variables as the discharge cycle, capacity, and depth of discharge of the battery. It should not go without saying that while there may not be much to worry about since this sort of battery are generally highly efficient, you desire to have a certain deep cycle battery with higher specifications to meet your needs. More so, lithium deep cycle batteries are currently making great waves for the specifications wrought into them.

Charging rate

If you are someone who can barely afford to lose some precious hours waiting to get your battery charged, then you will want to spare some time to look out for a 12v deep cycle lithium battery with good charging rate. Lithium deep cycle batteries are impressive in this respect as they do charge 2 – 3 times faster than lead acid deep cycle batteries – which are the other best alternative.


This is another factor that you cannot sleep on while shopping for a deep cycle battery. You do not want something that would leave you stranded halfway through a big project. This is where lithium deep cycle batteries get another creditable mention. They will not only serve your needs to a satisfactory end but also ensure that you won’t have to keep changing batteries frequently.


How shall this be wrapped up without giving a thought to your budget? It is somewhat likely that you will have to consider your pocket before clicking on the purchase tab at the store. That said, for all the quality and functionality of lithium deep cycle batteries, there is a cost – one that is higher than lead acid deep cycle batteries. Lithium deep cycle battery is certainly worth every penny spent on it, and investing in one will pay off in due time. You should, however, bear in mind that a power battery having the word, ‘lithium’ in its name will not always mean it is a deep cycle type – which is the real deal