All You Need To Know About A5 Notebooks

You must have used A4 notebooks for various purposes. But do you know that there are a5 notebooks  also which are used for infinite purposes?

What are a5 notebooks?

There are various series of papers. The use of paper in their descending order is A series, B series, and C series. A series is used for various purposes all over the world. The B size papers are used comparatively less than them. Further, the C series is used for making envelop. They are used to fit the A size papers. The A size papers, developed in Germany during the 1920s, starting from the largest size A0.

Further sizes are produced by cutting the earlier size into equal parts. So, a5 notebooks are manufactured by dividing A4 papers into half. There are various uses of a5 notebooks.

Uses of a5 notebooks

  • You can use them to write a journal.
  • You can use them to make lists of groceries, daily goals, etc.
  • The a5 notebooks are useful in making pocket notes.
  • It can be used to fulfill your desire for doodling.
  • Notebooks help plan your day.

These are the various ways to use a5 notebooks. You may use a smartphone to do these things, but doing it on paper gives satisfaction and positive vibes to complete your work.