Discover the Benefits of New Stairlifts in Oxford

Stairlifts are a great invention that has empowered those with mobility issues to access all areas of their home without having to rely on others. Today, in Oxford, a new range of stairlifts has been introduced which offers more features and benefits than ever before, making them more functional and efficient. Stay tuned as we’ll let you know about the advantages of investing in a new stairlift in Oxford and how they can make your life easier and more comfortable.

The new stairlifts in Oxford have a feature that makes them supersede older models. They have been designed to conserve energy, which as a result, has significantly reduced energy bills. This makes it possible for people to enjoy unlimited use of their stairlifts without having to worry about high electricity costs. Not only that, the new stairlifts in Oxford are incredibly sturdy, requiring little maintenance, hence saving people money that could have been spent on routine repairs.

Another significant advantage of new stairlifts Oxford is the ease of using them. Unlike the older versions that come with many buttons and levers, these new models have a more simplistic design. With the press of a button, they start and stop, making it much easier for people with arthritis and other mobility issues to operate them. The chairs and footrests also come in a variety of sizes to accommodate the various weights and heights of users.

The new stairlifts in Oxford also have safety features that are unmatched by older models. For one, the new models have sensors that detect obstructions on the way, such as a pet or object, which cause it to stop immediately. This reduces the chances of people getting injured and ensures the safety of all users. Additionally, the chairs have been fitted with adjustable lap belts that enhance safety.

These new stairlifts are perfect for those living in Oxford’s ever-increasing high-rise apartment buildings. They have the capability to fit into narrow and tight spaces, making them ideal for homes with small staircases. They have also been constructed with comfort in mind, with bright LED lights that illuminate stairs, making them safe to use at any time of the day.

Investing in a new stairlift in Oxford is an excellent idea both for those with mobility issues as well as those who want to experience the benefits of modern technology. The new stairlifts are more energy-efficient, come with safety features that guarantee the security of users, and are comfortable to use. Contact your stairlift provider today to learn more about the new range of stairlifts in Oxford and how they can transform your life.