Five Factors to Keep in Mind When Buying Bongs and Waterpipes

If it is your first time buying a bong, you may find the experience a bit overwhelming. There are probably hundreds of bongs available out there and you must consider some things before you make a purchase. You must learn some factors that influence your purchase. Bongs and water pipes can be available from both retail and wholesale stores. And if you want to buy them online, ensure to find a legitimate seller.

To make your buying experience better, make sure to consider the following factors:


Although bongs can provide with a massive hit, keep in mind that storing a big bong is difficult. Also, it is susceptible to breaking. Thus, only buy an oversized waterpipe if you have a safe place to store it. Also, using big bongs take some practice. If you will be using a giant bong with friends who don’t know the right techniques such as proper bong holding or dropping of the ice onto the percolators, your bong would break sooner than later.


Bongs and waterpipes are available in different materials including plastic, glass, metal, and ceramic. Bongs made from glass are easier to clean and offer a fancy look, making them the most popular choice among cannabis users. But, they are quite fragile. If you tend to travel frequently with your bong, glass is not an ideal option. Plastic and metal bongs are highly portable and less likely to break.

Complexity Level

If you are new to the use of bong, you must stick to a simple bong instead of one that has ice trays, various chambers, and percolators. You can buy complex bongs when you become an experienced pot smoker.


If you still don’t know which kind of bong to buy, stick to the low end of the price range until you will be confident about the kind of bong you like. But, this does not mean compromising your experience with a cheap piece. A lot of vendors and brands out there may overcharge you for the same. That is why you must be frugal and focus on getting the best bong at a reasonable price.


With your first bong, you may need special tools or extra pieces. Some brands offer their bongs with everything you need already included; however, you may want extra accessories such as ash catchers. There are many parts and accessories that you can use to modify your bongs after you get the hang of it. These extras will help you get the most out of your bong.