How to Buy a Fridge that Suits your Budget and Needs

A refrigerator is an expensive investment, so you want to get it right. Unfortunately, there are a lot of things to consider before you choose one. Before you start shopping, ensure you know how much room you have in your kitchen for the fridge. Fridges tend to vary in overall dimensions, depending on the style, model, and brand.

This guide will help ensure you buy a fridge that suits your needs and budget:

Cost Range

If you buy a cramped top-freezer fridge in a plain white wrapper, you can expect to spend $350 on it. But, a roomy bottom freezer with French doors, sleek stainless shell, and through-the-door water such as the modèle # LFXS28566S will cost as much as $2, 500. Make sure to buy the fridge that suits your budget.

Kinds of Refrigerators

Fridges are available in three major body configurations:

  • Top-mounted freezer. This economical fridge is ideal for buyers with budget and space constraints. Prices for freezer-above-fridge models can fall in the $400 to $600 range. But, this model offers the least interior capacity, making them less ideal for big families or those who tend to have frequent guests.
  • Side-by-side. Side-by-side refrigerators provide convenient access to both the fridge and freezer. Also, they have more than enough interior space. There is a wide range in prices, starting from $700 to above $2, 000. These fridges feature a pair of tall, slender doors making them perfect for kitchens that have little clearance between appliance and island.

  • French door. These fridges feature two opposing half doors. They require less clearance when open. The latest models are equipped with smart features that let you access the internet and maximise the functionality of your fridge.
  • Bottom-mounted freezer. These fridges are more convenient than top-mounted freezers as the main component is at eye level. They come with a pull-out drawer that you can access from either side.


When it comes to fridges, a higher price tag can improve their flexibility, convenience, and style. You must decide on the features that are important to you and why. For example, sleek stainless steel models can be $200 more expensive than identical white models.

Many refrigerators have through-the-door filtered water and ice. This feature offers convenience and saves energy by eliminating the need to open your fridge doors for water or ice. Also, fridges can come with multiple adjustable shelves. However, higher models will provide better configurations, spill-proof shelves with raised edges, and more versatility.