Most Popular Board Games You Can Play With Family

Most kids these days are so strapped to their gadgets that many of them are not even familiar with the classic board games they can play. That is why some parents try as much as they can to introduce their children to what classic games and entertainment are like back in the day.

These classic board games from are perfect for getting the whole family together. It will be a great time to laugh and bond while getting their mind working. Every game on this list offers its own adventure.

“Catan” or The Settlers of Catan

This is a classic board that has once again gained popularity in the past years. In the game, players create colonies on the island of Catan. They will have to manage their resources and learn how to trade with other players. This allows players to build alliances and negotiate for resources.


This is one of the most exciting board games your family will truly enjoy. When playing Jenga the goal is to prevent the tower from collapsing. Each player takes turns in removing and replacing wooden blocks. Jenga is so competitive that it makes it a great game choice for parties or simply when you get together with friends and family.


This board game has been a staple in every household for many generations. With a monopoly, players have to develop real estate empires by buying, selling, and trading properties. The goal here is to drive their opponents into bankruptcy.


If your kids are good with words then you should introduce them to Scrabble. This classic game will give them the chance to show off their linguistic and tactical skills. Players will be using letter tiles to create words on the board. And each tile has a value that will help determine the points received for each turn.

Ticket to Ride

If building train routes interests your kids, then Ticket to Ride is the best game to introduce to them. Scoring points in the game requires players to acquire train cards. They would then stake claims on routes between towns using the cards. This is one of the most exciting games the entire family can play as it is enjoyed by players of all ages.

There are plenty of board games out there that you can introduce to your family. And buying one is no longer that difficult since many of them are available at So if you are looking for new games you can enjoy with your family, then make sure that you look into these options. Be familiar with the game and its rules so that you can easily get your family to learn it as well.