Ordering Customized Face Masks: Things To Know!

The ongoing Covid-19 pandemic has changed many things about our daily lives. Social distancing is the new norm, and each one of us has been advised to wear a mask in public. While there was an initial shortage of masks, considering no one could imagine the impact, now masks are essential accessories. There are many websites and services that now have masks and face shields for sale, and these are meant to slow the spread of the virus, as we limp back to the new normal.

Whether yours is a small brand that is trying to promote itself by gifting masks, or a company that wants to order masks and shields for healthcare professionals, you can choose to the designs customized. Here’s what you must know about customized face masks.

Why go for customized face masks?

There are various reasons to select customized face masks as we mentioned. For many companies and brands, this is a quick way of marketing and showing social responsibility, while for others, it is more about creating a product of their liking. Custom masks are also cost effective, especially when ordered in bulk.

What type of masks to order?

N95 and KN95 are the best types of masks, but for regular use, you can go for standard cloth covering. The best ones consist of 95% Poly and 5% Spandex, although fabric composition may vary. If you are ordering customized masks for the first time, check the fabric weight and make sure that the mask is breathable. What also matters is reusability, because the entire world shouldn’t be thinking of one-time use masks anymore. As far as customized face masks are concerned, the print is usually on one side, while the side covering the face is typically blank.

Placing an order

As customized face masks are made to order, returns are not acceptable for most websites and sellers, and we recommend that you select a service that you can rely on. Keep in mind that masks are great for regular use, but must be washed, so the fabric must be of good quality. Don’t shy away from asking for an estimate and do check the range of customization options available.

Face masks and shields are necessary for the world now, and you can make your mask look and feel better by customizing the design and selecting the right fabric. Check online now for more details on customized face masks.