Shopping for a Chocolate Depositor? Here’s What you Should Know

Businesses in the baking industry can take advantage of chocolate depositing machines, which are effective for large-scale production. These machines work by pouring and customizing chocolates, playing an important role in discharging fillings and shells, forming and decorating the molds, creating pralines, chunks, drops, and chips, as well as refining, heating, and cooling chocolate to its predetermined structure. Aside from saving production time, a chocolate depositor guarantees proper hygiene is maintained during the depositing process.

How a Chocolate Depositing Machine Works

Chocolate depositors use a depositing action to create the look of homemade chocolate clusters with automated ease. They deposit chocolate with different inclusions directly onto a belt or into cups or molds. They can process high quantities of large inclusions like whole almonds and macadamias without getting clogged or having the nuts broken.

Users can change the nozzle of a chocolate depositor machine to precision deposit pure chocolate. This makes it suitable for filling hollow molds as every nozzle can be directed into specific parts of the mold. The machine can hold pre-mixed chocolate or compound with inclusions in a large-capacity hopper with a heavy-duty mixer to make sure the inclusions are thoroughly mixed and held in suspensions before they enter the machine’s piston chambers. The depositor’s head and hopper are jacketed with accurate temperature control and the nozzles are heated to prevent blockages.

Features to Look For

If you are on the market for this type of machine, here are some features you must look for:

  • Automated PLC system. Chocolate depositors are equipped with an automated system that makes it easier to control the parameters with its PLC touch panel. The recipe memory keeps the basic setting to allow reproducibility during the production process.
  • Single-piston depositor. This type of depositing machine increases the speed of depositing and ensures accurate deposition. This lets you deposit the chocolate in smaller volumes faster.

  • Mass channels. The machine has nozzle plate arrangements composed of mass channels to improve flexibility in depositing chocolate to maximize viscosity. It is ideal for a wide range of products from mass chocolates to fluid liquor fillings. Moreover, the optional vertical piston system of the machine makes processing and depositing smaller ingredients hassle-free.

Kinds of Chocolate Depositors

  • Universal chocolate depositor. This machine is designed for the manufacture of hollow or one-shot chocolate products. Also, it is suitable for products filled with solid ingredients.
  • Compact depositor. This provides the same high-temperature setting as the universal depositor but comes with 3 or 4 nozzles. It is designed to work with 90% of the standard molds on the market including polycarbonate and silicone products.
  • Tabletop depositor. It is designed to remove the burden of filling multiple cavity candy molds by hand. It increases the accuracy and uniformity of filling every mold.